Winterhaven Portland School – Focuses on science and math. Excellent ratings and reviews

Winterhaven school is located in the Portland School District in the Brooklyn Neighborhood. While most specialty schools in the district focus on the arts, this school focuses on science and math. This is a small K-8 school with only 343 students. It has an accelerated program that has a scientific and mathematical base that expands across the curriculum. The staff is trained to teach advanced learners in math science and critical learning. Advanced math courses include Algebra 2 and Geometry which can be taken for high school credit. The school recently received a Mt. Hood Cable Grant which funds two mobile carts that are stocked with laptops, wireless networking capabilities and relevant software. They offer a before and after school program, as well as access to the Meyer Boys and Girls Club. Other extracurricular include band, a Thespian Club for 7th and 8th graders and Kung Fu.

At Winterhaven parental involvement is not just expected it is required. All parents must volunteer for 50 hours a year. Students volunteer just as much as their parents and are required to complete community service which is noted on future school applications. The school is located at 3830 SE 14th Ave. in Portland near Brooklyn School Park in the Brooklyn Neighborhood. Families relocating in or around Portland should be aware that students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school. Those interested in attending must attend a tour, sign a Statement of Understanding and apply online to be considered for transfer. Despite the heavy commitment required parents and students on feel that it is well worth it. Both describe the education as excellent and feel that the small size makes for a more tight nit and effective learning community. Overall gave the school 10/10 and the parent reviews gave it 4/5. For more information check out their website at


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