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In the heart of Portland lies a wonderful little theater on SE 34th and Belmont called Profile Theater. Located next to the wonderful Tao of Tea, The Profile Theater can be the perfect spot to bring a date, bring a friend or come on your own to break up the ordinary daily life. I’ve walked out of this theater a few times thoroughly enjoying the creative passions on stage that gripped my attention for the entire performance. I am quite surprised at the talent that Portland always churns out….actually I’m not surprised at all, for creativity and talent is what sets Portland apart from all other big cities, and that’s what drew me here almost 10 years ago.


Profile Theater was founded in 1997 with the mission of celebrating the playwright’s contribution to live theater. In 14 years, Profile has grown to be one of the most significant theater companies in Portland, with a reputation for bringing intelligence, excellence, and passion to the stage.
Each year, Profile showcases a single playwright, giving you the opportunity to enter a writer’s world for a full season. This experience allows the audience to view each play as part of a flowing dialogue, and to see the important connections that help us to grow and learn and understand.

Profile Theatre is committed to hiring local, professional actors, designers and directors. Over the course of our fourteen years, Profile Theater showcased the immense talent of Portland area artists. 2010-11 season was no exception. Here are just a handful of the great artists seen on the Profile stage, or whose behind-the-scenes artistry was integral to our productions.  Scott Yarbrough, Todd Van Voris, Tim True, Pat Patton, Ana Reiselman, Leif Norby, Tobias Andersen, Shelly Lipkin

Located at;  3430 SE Belmont Street, Portland OR 97214

You can call 503.242.0080 to purchase tickets or go to Purchase Tickets


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